Here in the silence is where I hear the most.

The sounds of my dreams fill the room.

The laughter of another, safe, warm

The comfort of not being alone.

Remembering what it feels like again,

Hope drowns out despair, but long-suffering does not come easily.

I long to be above my desires.

I long to conquer them, but I succumb to my daydreams every time.

OH, that the Lord would look on my turmoil and grant me mercy.

OH, that the spirit would be stronger in me than my flesh.

Let the Lord take the desires from me until the appointed time.

Why should my mind be a harlot and a slave to my selfish heart?

Renew me, Oh Lord by your grace and mercy.

Let me not be swept away with vanity, but ever mindful of your goodness.

May my heart be your throne and my mind your tool, your servant, to do your bidding.

Transform my desires and make them yourself.

Cursed be my flesh and my wandering heart within me,

For I want what I should not.



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