Lamentation Over the American Church

My heart grieves for American churches.

It’s like a person going about their day, enjoying life and then suddenly they start to feel a little sick. It’s probably nothing major, but they go to the doctor’s anyway just in case. Lo and behold they have advanced stage cancer and the wind gets completely knocked out of them .

How could this happen?

They felt fine-from the outside they looked fine. It was just a little cold. But no, they are eaten up on the inside. Their body is slowly rotting away and all the while they thought everything was fine.

Everything is not fine.

The only difference is that we brought this disease on. Christians should read their bibles and pray and they should read to discover God’s character and his will- not to debate and outsmart one another. They should seek after the very heart of God! Leaders should care for the ones they lead and build them up. It’s not okay for “christian” men to exploit the King’s daughters and treat them far below their worth. It’s not okay for “christian” women to target one another for destruction and pull the trigger with their words. Pastors should not create dependencies on themselves and rob their flock of true food. Preachers shouldn’t run after profit and take advantage of those seeking truth! It’s not okay to harbor hate and unforgiveness in our hearts. Selfishness should not be excused!

Lord, what have we done here?

Please have mercy.

It’s not okay to go about your life and never attempt to spread the gospel. It’s not okay for us to redecorate our churches for thousands of dollars and neglect the poor. Our widows are lonely and our orphans are left to fend for themselves.

Oh God, when will we wake up!?


Will it be when there are no churches left because they were so divided that they couldn’t even agree on what color to paint the walls?! Will it be to late by the time we do realize the error of our ways? When all those lost have turned to each other for comfort and love because all they found at the church was judgement and the door?

My heart shudders to think of the judgement that will come on the church of America if they do not change their ways.





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